Hrblgy is an apothecary and wellness brand on a mission to bring wellness back home.

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This mission is rooted in access, alignment, and reclamation as we cultivate space for the Collective’s conscious remembering. 

Nothing that we do is brand new. It’s not New Age. It certainly isn’t made-up. This is deeply ancient, divinely ancestral, and already within you.


Hrblgy is where the wellness nerd meets the spiritual guru — it’s a recognition that you can be both. Here, you will find information, services, and stories around plant medicine, wellness, healing, and holistic spiritual care meant to ground you from root to crown.


Heal self, heal others.



Mariah Emerson

Founder of Hrblgy

Mariah is a Black, queer woman navigating life through the lens of healing, connection, and the power of introspection. Her mission is to “bring wellness back home” by teaching, initiating, and continuing conversations that orient her communities back to a well-being mindset, which they’re oftentimes marginalized from having access to.


Mariah’s, and Hrblgy’s, mantra, “heal self, heal others,” is infused in every aspect of her Being. From the individualized nature of her practice as an herbalist and sound healing to her work within the community — in all of its intersections — Mariah moves with a heal from within approach that she truly believes will serve the collective. 

Barbara Darko

Founding Partner

Editor of Hrblgy

Barbara is a first-generation Ghanaian American who believes in the joint power of creativity, collaboration, cultural inclusion, and open conversation to make much-needed change in the world. In addition to editing at Hrblgy, she works as a book editor full time and freelances for fun.


Outside of literature, intersectional social justice, and learning to infuse ethnobotany into her daily practices, her interests include the arts & aesthetics, good food & tasty beverages, science fiction (& fact), traveling, and frolicking in nature. She is co-editor of Rosemary, a zine about relationships with plants, which will soon be available in the Hrblgy shop.


Photo credit: RJ Eldridge


Gabrielle Williams

Founding Partner
Operations Lead of Hrblgy

Gabrielle is a Black, queer woman born in New Orleans, taken by life through Dallas and Atlanta, and now residing in Chicago. 


She is a technology creative currently focused on inclusive recruitment. With a passion for creation, logistics, networking, and photography, she hopes to blend her experiences for the betterment of humans. Her interests include traveling, reading science fiction, and hanging out with her pups!