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The Sacred Collection

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Our products are handcrafted, energetically cleansed, and made with ethically sourced ingredients.

Sacred Soak
Sacred Blend

Known for its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, lavender is popularly used in formulas set to cleanse homes, bodies, auras, you name it. Energetically, lavender is a symbol of calm, purification, and devotion — exactly what you want out of a smoke or soak sesh, right?

Rose Petals

From Cleopatra's bathing rituals to the scent of a beautiful bloom, the rose plant has a multitude of physical and energetic effects and symbolism for the body, mind, and soul. The aromatherapy alone brings about a soothing, sensual feeling for many, but we also know rose for its antioxidant and hydration powers. The rose is also an energetic symbol of inviting your angels to take place in your life. Mmm! 


Calendula (or marigold) has a history of being incorporated in formulas set to soothe and nourish acne- and eczema-prone skin. Energetically, this plant queen goes way more than skin-deep. Calendula incorporates the sun astrologically and has been utilized to move stagnant energy into action. We incorporate it to our formula as a subtle-yet-sweet way of reminding your energy to charge in a way that serves you post-soak.

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

This detoxifying salt works its magic by creating a charge (or ion) in the water, which is said to boost toxin extraction from the body and spirit. It's also revered for boosting hydration and relaxing the body with trace minerals like calcium. Energetically, Himalayan pink salt has long be used to cleanse and clear energy, making it one of our favorite ingredients in a spiritual bath like Sacred Soak


This herb is known for its pulmonary and respiratory function. Energetically and symbolically, mullein has been called “the lungs of the Earth” for its regenerative properties. It’s been an active and important part of sacred rituals in many indigenous cultures, and its soft-yet-full body adds texture to our Sacred Blend. 


Mugwort has been incorporated in ancestral dreamwork and psychic capacities for centuries. Many people think of it as a mere weed, but we know the power of this plant babe. It's a nervine relaxant, meaning it has relaxing effects on the nervous system. All of these reasons contribute to why we add it to our balancing smoke blend.

And so much more...

Check back as we update our herb monograph section of The Thyme, our wellness journal that pairs scientific research with ethnobotany (cultural uses of plant medicine), energetic tradition, and folk tradition. 

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