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The Thyme is a wellness journal that pairs scientific research with ethnobotany (cultural uses of plant medicine), energetic tradition, and folk tradition. 

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Monograph of the Month

An herbal monograph is a profile filled with info about a particular herb. We compile chemical, therapeutic, energetic, and spiritual information about herbs and write monographs to inform you about the plant medicine you want to know more about.

November 2020 │ Lavender

Our intention for the month of November (and for always) is to come home and feel rooted. Home could be a place, a person, a ritual, a practice. It is almost always a vibe. We chose lavender as a first monograph of the month because it has long been used to set the vibe for spaces and practices across the globe. Its calming, soothing, and cleansing energies guide us as we explore what it means to be our favorite place.

Image by Pauline Jurkevicius
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