BIPOC Healer Network

The BIPOC Healer Network is a directory of beings and collectives who add to the Collective's ascension path through their services and offerings.


We intentionally choose to highlight the work of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color healers and practitioners as an act of equity in the wellness and healing world.

If you'd like to be added to the network, get in touch!


Food & Nutrition

Energy Work


Therapists, Coaches & Guides

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Sultana Mona Abbassi

Akashic healer, designer, poet

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Persephonie X

Wellness Practitioner and Food & Feelings Coach

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Jarvis Quarterman

Yoga instructor, sound healer, photographer

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Courtney Cobbs

Manifestation Coach & Reiki Master Teacher

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Facilitating conversations of divinity, religion, spirituality, relationships with the church, and a lack thereof from a critical queer, trans, BIPOC lens

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Mia Gholar

Kemetic yoga instructor, interdisciplinary artist, educator, digital content creator, wellness creative

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Toshia Shaw

Reiki master, sound healer, trauma life coach, author, speaker 

We intentionally do not charge healers for inclusion in The Network as an act of equity, by centering BIPOC beings in a wellness industry that often omits us. While this service remains free, management and organization of this project under the labor of Black, queer healers is not.

If you would like to financially support the BIPOC Healing Network, let us know.