Enter The Void

An excerpt from Out of Love 

Photo credit: Raychan on Unsplash

by Asia Ashley

09 MARCH 2021

Enter The Void, where gems are buried deep.
Beyond the cloak of darkness, 
Let your silence speak.
Hear aloud your voice,
Let your truth reign free.
Enter The Void and it’s you, you’ll greet.
Strangers to ourselves,
We journey yearning to feel complete.
Dismissing our prized connection,
Turning blind to the truth we seek. 

Enter The Void, where faith resides.
Duality dances as a means to free our mind.
Freeing and daunting, in the dark is where we grow,
Rooted in soil, our real seeds are sowed.
Right beneath the surface,
Alone the work begins.
Befriend The Void, 
Shattering the ego’s pride within.

Turn inward and make this space your home.
We truly see ourselves, when we are forced to be alone.
Surrender to The Void, there you will see the light. 
And build yourself a temple, to return when time is right.


“She dreams with no limits and with her heart wide open.”

Often we find ourselves walking a journey; we have no idea how we got there or where we are going. We just know we’re right where we need to be, holding all the gems to guide us on our way.


Asia Ashley (she/her) is a Chicago native who’s approaching life by that very concept. Whether it’s writing, project management, music, culinary arts, or just showing up prepared to do, she’s going to give every offering she can muster up, hoping it will make a difference and inspire you to do the same.

Find Asia on Instagram at @asiaashl3y and follow her journey.