found in me, found in you.

Excerpts on Healing + Acceptance from Brown Butter

Photo credit: Vino Li on Unsplash

by Mel Chanté

19 NOVEMBER 2020 

Morning Thoughts

i wake up

say an affirmation

write down my intentions for the day,

say something like:


i am worthy of a love 

that waters my soul
as well as i water myself


but how well do i water my self

if for this long                       i have denied my own 



   sat still in some corner 

      surrounded with walls 

built by the hands 

  of my own burdens brick by brick 

      expecting somebody else 

   to bulldoze this 

tower of sorrows.


to be the one

   —this knight and shining armor

      arriving on a soon tomorrow

   pouring into me all of the love

i have been waiting for;


but what have i been waiting for

      if i am the love i need?

I Am Everything

i felt myself start to spill

outside of society’s



bending—instead of breaking;

singing—instead of swallowing my soul’s song;

coloring the cracks—that were never cracks to begin with but parts within my whole

that add to all i am;


i am everything i always knew i was.

Here Is Healing

found what 
i’ve been 
searching for
inside my    self,
this body

that rocks 

my soul

to sleep 

each night 

and rises

with my eyes 

every morning;

here is home.
here is where 
healing happens.


Be Rooted

ground yourself.

be rooted in everything 

you are.

trust more. worry less.

l  e  t    g  o  .


allow your reach 

to be neverending


always look     forward to 

the light,

if you can’t 

find it, 

be it.

be LOVE.












Mel Chanté (she/her) is a poet, author of Brown Butter, and creator of Vow to Self, a community space to uplift self-talk. She is the host of the Vow to Self Podcast and a favorite voice on the Shine Text App. Her poetry is available on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, and all music streaming outlets.


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